October 31, 2012

A non-Halloween Halloween post

My kids are getting to an age where Halloween is not the same exciting event that it used to be. It's still fun and something to look forward to, but the excitement is definitely waning. It makes me sad to say that I'm glad about that, but I am....because this is also the two-year anniversary of the night my dad died. And I'm just not ready to start celebrating spooky death-related images like skeletons and ghosts. Not yet, anyway.

I don't want to ruin anyone else's fun, but I also just don't have the Halloween mojo anymore. Seemingly every blog post in my reader is a recipe for "Death Punch" or "How to make your own skeleton decor". Not fun reading for me right now so I'm on a temporary blog-reading hiatus.

Pumpkins I am A-OK with!
I'm also feeling for all the people on the US east coast for whom this Halloween will be different or a complete non-event. While we've had some local tree damage and the odd power outage thanks to Sandy, our area survived relatively unscathed by comparison. I'll gladly take the solid week of rain/wind we've had instead. Looks like the sun might make an appearance by Friday so I'll do a happy dance then!

Instead of Halloween-ing it up, I've been working on some more painting projects with my Annie Sloan paint. I'm not finished any of them yet, but soon! This weekend I'm attending an Annie Sloan paint workshop at Kathie Jordan Design in New Hamburg, Ontario. Guessing I'll learn that everything I've been doing so far is wrong but that's OK ;). I'm pretty excited about it!

I can't wait to finish this china cabinet and I want to pick up a few more colours and maybe some dark wax too:

This isn't a true before/after shot because I'm not finished. I'm just posting it to prove I don't sit around all day in my PJ's drinking coffee. I do, however, hang around in my painting clothes drinking coffee. Like right now ;)

Aside from painting, this fall we've enjoyed a few of these:

Pre-Hurricane Sandy when there were still leaves on the trees ;)
 a little of this:

and these:

 and a few of these, too:

It was also our 15th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago so my hubby and I took some time away in Toronto last weekend....shopped, ate out at a real restaurant without crayons at the table, and had fun.

Hope you've had a happy, safe and dry October and for those who haven't, I hope your November is much better :)


  1. What a gorgeous shot with the trees and boats!

    1. Thanks Stephanie :)
      It was a beautiful day!

  2. Thanks for the pretty pictures! I can understand the difficulty getting into the Halloween spirit--my dad died on my birthday five years ago. The Latino holiday, dia de los Muertos, celebrates everyone who has passed. It might feel good to honor him in a festive way--and the decorations are fabulous, much prettier than any Halloween stuff. Maybe it will turn Halloween into a more personal time that's special to your family; both happy and respectful.. I'm sorry that you've lost your dad. Know that he is with you and wants you to be happy.

    1. Oh Jenny I'm sorry to hear that about your dad. Must make the day very hard.
      Thank you so much for telling me about Dia de los Muertos! What a great idea...I had never heard of it but just looked it up and looks like it's today!

  3. I hear ya sista !!! Even though I think it is perfectly acceptable to hang out in pj's, drink coffee (or something :) and just chillax. Totally get it.
    Miss you a TON !! xx

    1. LOL - thank god someone else thinks it's ok!! because i'm n my jammies right now! kidding....i'm not.
      Thanks my friend - miss you too!!

  4. Halloween was postponed until this Sunday in my area. I am glad my kids are getting too old. I don't really like all the candy (that I eat) and the late night silliness. I do wish I could go to that paint workshop with you. That is my idea of a good time.

  5. Great pictures, Janet. And so sorry to hear about your dad. Big hugs.
    PS - I thought it was bad when I lived in Lululemon. Then it degraded to flannel jammies. I thought that was as low as it would go but recently I stopped wearing a bra. I can't even answer the door now. Hopefully I've hit bottom.


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